Aviation and Space Tie


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  • Handmade exclusively for Virginia Air & Space Center
  • 58 X 3 5/8 inches
  • 100% pure silk
  • Dry clean only
  • What does your tie collection say about you? Do you share NASA’s vision to reach for new heights and reveal the unknown? Declare your enthusiasm and support for NASA’s ongoing mission (or just a great look) with our exclusive 100% silk necktie. This is a quality handmade tie, which is soft and lightweight, with exceptional fit and comfort.

  • The NASA logo is one of the most recognized logos in the world. The agency has two official corporate identities, namely the “meatball” logo and the NASA seal. Publicly introduced in 1959, the logo remained in service until 1982. It was briefly retired, but was brought back, and remains the official NASA logo to this day.