Marble Astronaut Statue


  • Made in U.S.A.
  • 7 inches
  • Bonded Marble
  • Poised on a desk or a shelf in an office, this astronaut sculpture is a solid reminder of how powerful each small step can be. A wonderful gift for a patriot, an explorer, or a big dreamer, this finely detailed, bonded marble figure is smooth and cool, just like the real thing.

  • The current NASA spacesuit is a complex garment. Not only does it protect from the extreme conditions of space, it is in itself a mobile life support system with an oxygen supply, electrical power, water-cooling equipment, ventilating fan, waste removal, and an in-suit drink bag. With many components and 14 layers of protection, on earth the Extravehicular Mobile Unit, or EMU, weighs about 113 kilograms. Orbiting above our blue planet, it weighs nothing at all.